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insulation and soundproofing

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For applications in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry,

we have a technical range for thermal and phonic insulation

aluminum adhesive tapes

Glass fiber reinforced for rigid air duct insulation

– Excellent heat and light radiation
– Contributes to energy saving and good thermal insulation
– Smooth and resistant surface
– Excellent behaviour at low and high temperatures
– Good resistance to abrasion
– Very flexible tape that adapts to corners and irregular surfaces


Adhesive tapes 8717, 8718 and 8719 series, suitable for joints on aluminum-lined rockwool panels (fireplace inserts)

AT500 Advance 40 µm tape, M1 fire rating, BS476 certified, arts 6 and 7 category 1, ideal for heating ducts

3M™ 425 Thermal Conductivity Tape, helps dissipate heat and improve efficiency in heating and cooling systems to protect temperature sensitive materials

333, 336, 337, 330D and 331E SCAPA adhesive tapes, jointing and vapor barrier continuity on exterior aluminum-lined duct felts

Sicad 901 and 902 tapes, aluminium pipe connection in the air conditioning or ventilation sector

High performance for CW874 SCAPA reinforced aluminum tape

Polyethylene soundproofing foams




Complex of soundproofing and fire resistant foams

Sound absorbing material adapted to air conditioning systems

EUROFOAM Euroline range

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Many other adhesive solutions in our HVAC sealing section.

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