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signs and signage



Discover the promise of our adhesive tapes and technical adhesives that are sure to meet your demanding applications:

Assemble different materials such as PMMA, PVC, Dibond or stainless steel

Virtually invisible mounting for elegant signs

Successful design by eliminating screws and rivets

Limit the risk of corrosion, absorption of thermal and mechanical shocks

Protection against dust and humidity

PERMANENT ASSEMBLY with double-sided acrylic non-woven foams, transfer tapes, the 3M™VHB™ line, stops, structural adhesives and MS-Polymer sealant.

PROVISIONAL FIXING for holding parts during curing with repositionable PP and PET double-sided, standard and custom pads, Dual Lock 3M™ openable/closable systems, and magnetic tapes.

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adhésifs et colles pour les métiers de la signalétique
adhésif non tissé P551 adhésivage de surfaces irrégulières
VHB 4910 transparent assemblage permanent
V5004 loctite