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Efficient and durable adhesive solutions adapted to the sealing of ducts in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry to prevent fluid leaks.



Reliable and durable protection

Complies with building standards

Water, moisture and smoke resistant

Noise and vibration damping

Cost optimization


pvc adhesives

Protection of pipes and sealing of ducts

  • High protection against corrosion and abrasion
  • Resistant PVC film
  • Flame retardant

    AT10 thick single-sided PVC tape for reliable protection of above or below ground piping in black or gray

    AT9 single-sided PVC tape specially designed to seal pipe joints

adhesive fabrics

Excellent mechanical resistance


  • Glossy laminated cloth adhesive
  • Immediate adhesive power
  • Easy to unroll and cut
  • Waterproof finish


AT170 and AT171 single-sided cloth adhesive tapes suitable for sealing polyethylene tarpaulins

High quality AT175 fabric with very high immediate adhesive power

White, grey and black – Several sizes and custom cutting


CVC Advance Tapes AT171


Serves as a water, air or dust seal


  • Medium density, hard to very hard, single-sided foams
  • Effectively fills gaps with damping effect
  • Perfectly suited for cutting

Scapa 3154 white and Scapa 3259 black medium density open cell PVC adhesive foams

Very hard PVC adhesive foams Scapa 3594 white and Scapa 3599 black for applications in difficult conditions with flame retardant action



mousse etancheite SCAPA 3259

butyl self-adhesive sealing tapes

Very conformable and flexible

  • Adapts perfectly to irregular geometries
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Noise and vibration damping


Single-sided butyl

Isoltema TE35 self-adhesive waterproofing tape, composed of a high performance butyl rubber adhesive and protected by an LDPE film

Bu-Tylene Isoltema range

Alu Pro protected by a reinforced aluminum film for the sealing of pipes and ducts

Alu Wave, its special aluminum creping allows the tape to be extended by more than 60% in the direction of unwinding

Alu Sound for vibration damping

Alu Brico with high adhesive power and extreme resistance

Double-sided butyl

Bu-Tylene Duo R Brico Isoltema, double-sided adhesive butyl tape reinforced with a polyester weave, perfectly suited for sealing photovoltaic panels (in black or red).