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We invite you to discover our non-exhaustive range of applications specific to the nuclear industry.

Our products are compliant with the legislation with NNC and PMUC, with fire classification M1 and allow the protection of metals, piping and all forms of assembly and sealing applications…


The transition to green energy is changing the way we produce and consume energy. Clean, available, inexhaustible, it has a bright future ahead of it.

Thanks to the technological evolutions, we can accompany you in the manufacture and the fixing of solar panels, the protection and the insulation via specific adhesives tested for the solar industry.


As a wind energy manufacturer, we support you in the manufacturing process of the blades: from the masking of the mold, to the fixing of distribution channels and external parts, to the protection of the blades. Our adhesives allow you to gain in efficiency.


Your goal: to insulate electrical wiring in various business applications with PVC tapes


Specific adhesives for stress fitting and lighting applications in compliance with RoHS.