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The 622 Versatile adhesive is multi-purpose and revolutionary.  It stands out for its cleanliness on take-off.  It is a single-sided green embossed polyethylene adhesive coated with a removable acrylic adhesive mass.  It is ideal for your painting work, interior and exterior, it is UV and weather resistant (masking, fixing of tarpaulins, temporary maintenance).  High-quality adhesive tape!

  • Can be cut manually very easily in a perpendicular way at a right angle and allows a clean and neat installation in 90° angles.

  • Allows very precise contours, it is indeed essential that the paint does not ″fuse″ under the masking tape due to poor adhesion of the latter.

  • Perfect adhesion on all supports, it peels off easily without leaving residue.

  • Repositionable: After peeling off, the adhesive remains on the support without alteration.

The adhesive 622– suitable for all your interior and exterior painting work – Packaging – Floor marking, labeling – Signage Storage, storage – DIY – Temporary maintenance…