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This polyamide non woven is metallized with pure copper, which gives it fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal properties.

The copper-ions release drastically reduces the survival time of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces.

The copper surface of the adhesive tape deactivates 99.98% of coronaviruses in a few minutes (results of 04/16/20 from Eurovir Laboratories), which avoids having to disinfect with wipes or other non-biodegradable products the surfaces as well equipped several times a day.

Copper tape sticks to door and window handles, handrails, elevator buttons and any other contact surface.

Installed in offices and places of passage, the lifespan of this protection is several weeks, even several months. Its maintenance is simply done with soap and water during the usual cleaning of the premises. The copper textile adhesive tape is part of a health and environmental approach.


Shieldex Bobinot 10 m x 2 cm 003